What we can do with our studio.

This entry was posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

Today we filmed some web video blogs and had Rob and Gav in to present.


The guys were standing in as presenters. We film the blogs here in our very own studio in Lutterworth every week.



It’s great fun as these guys aren’t real trained presenters, like the video presenters we use for our clients videos.



We always have some fun with the lads making sure there are lots of outtakes for the Christmas party!


Web video doesn’t need to be boring it can bring some life to your site for example our presenters most of them come from acting backgrounds and they can help make what you are trying to say about your company come to life in an interesting and entertaining way. For example our presenter Steffan, did this for apex-accountancy.


With our own personal studio, it allows us to use it for a whole host of things including, Filming web presenters in front of our very own green screen.



We can also use the space to film and photography, product videos, and testimonials using our white paper cove Clients have access to choose from 15 of our web presenters and 13 Voiceover artists.



Video presenters can also be integrated with onsite videos and typography animation based videos, which look really good and are an excellent way to show your clients what you do in a bit more detail with extra text and images with the presenter.


So… have you thought about how web video could make your company more profitable?