Web Video Slideshows with Animoto

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Animoto is a website that allows the user to create photo and video slideshows that get matched to music. Opening up the world of video production and web video to a whole new level of people that probably haven’t used video production software before.



So when you get on the site it is quite simple to use, with only five clicks you can have created your slide show. For the normal person the ‘Lite’ free version would work well enough, offering you the ability to have a 30 second slideshow using up to 12 images or videos.



So you start by choosing a style, which is basically the background to your slideshow. There is quite a few to pick from to suit whatever your slideshow is about.


You then add photos and videos, where you can upload them from your computer or take them from your Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, Photobucket or Picasa accounts, or even use photos and videos from the website’s own collection.


Once you have selected the photos and videos you want to use, you then simply choose your music. There is a selection of genres you can pick from, or you can upload your own mp3 which is pretty sweet.


Finally you can add text onto your video, and then hit ‘produce video’ and before you know it…Boom! You have your very own slideshow video to share with your friends and family.


If you want more in your slideshow there is a selection of pay packages, including Plus, Pro and Reseller. Plus is $5 a month or $30 a year, Pro is $39 or $249 a year and Reseller is  $499 a year, each offering a number of different features including video length, making it downloadable, unbranded and different licenses, and much more.


Pro and Reseller are ideal for companies that will need to make longer slideshows fairly often, whereas normal people using them for general use may go for the Lite or Plus options I would think.


Projects are really easy to create, and this could become something very useful for people that want to show off their holiday snaps or whatever. They can just make a little slideshow video and then forward that to all their friends, or share it on Facebook and Twitter.


This is very nifty website that could prove to be very useful. Try it and let us know your thoughts.