Web Video – Assess the Success

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Here at the Web Video Store we have recently stumbled across something on the web that, whilst some of our peers may have known about already, is really fresh to us. So, we thought why not take advantage of our fashionably late status by penning a few words about it.


This Online Video Grader tool from those rascals at Pixability is really simple to use, yet offers an array of data and information that help the user to assess the quality and success of their online video marketing.


How Does it Work?


The initial stage is to fill in the standard ‘questionnaire’ – your website’s URL, your YouTube Channel address and the size of your organisation (not really sure how this is relevant to be perfectly honest).


The results then outline how your website scores in terms of your video content being picked up by the major search engines, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your web video efforts. It has to be said in truth the strengths and weaknesses section is quite bizarre, with some of the points raised hardly earth-shattering.


For example, Google has found over 10,000,000 videos related to our company name. But as our name includes the terms ‘web’ and ‘video’ that’s not a big surprise. Similarly, YouTube returned 6,070,000 videos for our search term. Not statistics that have blown our mind, but you can see how this could be a more useful tool for businesses with a more appropriate name.


And What Does it Reveal?


What the Grader did reveal to us is that none of the videos featured on our website are found in Google. There could be a number of reasons for this, but ultimately this will have a massive impact upon how our videos are consumed, and in what quantity.


What is apparent is that Pixability’s Online Grading Tool is a good way of highlighting areas in which your web video content is under-performing. I’m sure there will be other tools of this nature on the web, but this one is free, which is always a bonus. So why not check it out and see if it can give you a clear insight. And if it doesn’t, well you’ve not lost anything, have you?