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This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

Here at the Web Video Store we love a good viral video, and this past week we have been watching some corkers.


From talking animals to stuff people say, and even adverts, there is some really funny stuff out there, and we want to show you just how powerful these videos are. They go some way to showing how well web video could work for you…


This first video is fantastic – whether you work in the world of video production or not. Even if you know someone that owns a video camera, you might be able to relate to some of these things, this is…  Sh*t Film Snobs Say



Now, working with web designers we also know most of this to be true…



So that is the new fad of ‘stuff people say’ which is becoming a hit online, but something I know pretty much everyone loves is talking animals…



How about musical animals with this Volkswagen advert which, as a Star Wars fan, I think is great…



Enjoy that? Good.


Carrying on with the adverts that have gone viral – enjoy these two, both of which I believe came on during the Super Bowl game in America which you can always look forward to not for the game but the great adverts and trailers you can see in-between the game, which lucky for me, always make there way online.


Toyota – Reinvented:


Volkswagen – The Force:


That’s it for now they were just some of our favourite viral web videos out there at the minute hope you enjoyed them and shared them with your friends family and colleagues like we have.


So until next time, chow for now.


Ok one last one.