Vimeo Looking Good for 2012

This entry was posted on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

Vimeo has had a rebrand as it looks to cement its position as a genuine video portal alternative to YouTube in 2012.


Users will now be treated to recommendations of related videos, based on their ‘likes’ and user algorithm, with additional updates tracked in a revamped news feed. So far, so good – if you’re ‘social’. But at least it’s moving with the times. Vimeo’s last update took place in 2007! Users will also be able to upload multiple videos at once – perfect for web video merchants such as ourselves.


Now Vimeo is widely known for being a more ‘professional’ web video outlet than YouTube, which has a heavy user generated content focus, and is the go to place for the more discerning videographer. And this is set to continue with the clean new user interface and crisper, larger video display that it is set to unveil.


Pesky Adverts


Advertisements are a thorny subject when it comes to any Google-owned website. We’ve all seen those frustrating ads that keep cropping up all over YouTube, either delaying the start or popping up as a layer on top of what you’re trying to watch.


Well Deborah Szajngarten, Vimeo’s communications director, confirmed that her company had no plans to follow a similar path. “A lot of people come to Vimeo because they care about how content is created,” she mused, before reiterating that the company’s embeddable player would continue to forego pesky advertising.


To the Future


Attracting around 65 million unique users every month, Vimeo is by no means a tadpole in the murky waters of video streaming, although compared to YouTube’s stats it is more garden pond than Pacific Ocean (aquatic metaphors copyright of Web Video Store). But there are so many features which set it apart from the rest.


And whilst it’s fair to say that Vimeo won’t be competing with YouTube in terms of numbers of visits and views any time soon, by differentiating themselves as a resource for filmmakers and video production houses online, they are helping to cement their position in an otherwise crowded marketplace.