Vimeo’s Latest Version of iOS App

This entry was posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

We are huge fans and supporters of Vimeo here at the Web Video Store, and we’re very interested with the new update for iOS devices. That’s right ‘device’ – plural not singular, as the Vimeo app is now available on the iPad!


Vimeo has exploded in popularity over the past 12 months, as they continue to tick all the right boxes for both usability and service.



With this new 2.0 update, Vimeo looks set to become an even popular source for online video. Providing a much sleeker interface (mirroring the new website update), the new Vimeo app can do everything you do whilst surfing Vimeo; read, add comments, share and like videos.


Below is a list of all the new features;


+ Free to download from the iTunes App Store
+ Compatible with iPad, iPhone 3GS and above, iPod Touch, and iOS4.3 and above
+ Watch and manage your Vimeo videos and download them to your camera roll
+ Browse suggested videos while you watch
+ Watch videos from your Feed, Watch Later queue, or previously liked videos
+ “Like” videos, comment on videos, and add videos to your Watch Later queue
+ Discover new and interesting videos curated by Vimeo Staff
+ Easily upload your raw footage or edited videos in HD or SD
+ Use the editor to edit your footage and add music from the Vimeo Music Store
+ Pause/resume uploads and receive reminders when an upload is paused
+ Replace existing videos
+ Edit titles, descriptions, tags, privacy settings, and credits
+ Share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, email, and/or SMS
+ Add videos to Groups, Channels, and Albums
+ Access stats on plays, likes, and comments


The real gold is with the new movie editor feature. Just like iMovie and Splice (and I’m sure I’m missing 50 others), Vimeo allows you to film and import video, images and use basic editing functionalities to create your new masterpiece.


Only a couple of negatives; it does feel sluggish whilst editing the footage but I forgive this considering the app is FREE!


In a bid to combat music piracy, Vimeo has stamped out the use of adding audio files from your phone. All is not lost though, as their new Store makes it easy to add music without hiring a lawyer.


So while you wont be able to edit feature films using the Vimeo App, it’s perfect for the on-the-go Video Blogger and just a great app to have on your iPhone or iPad.