Video to Help Your Business Grow

This entry was posted on Friday, January 7th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

You may have noticed the Internet becoming more and more saturated in recent times. As a consequence of this, competition is greater – seemingly in pretty much any industry you can think of.


So finding ways to differentiate your business and stand out from the crowd are required now more than ever. You may have heard of Search Engine Optimisation, which is certainly one way of climbing to the top of the heap. Another way is web video, which more and more companies are beginning to adopt in their online strategies.


It’s worth remembering that even having a website was considered a radical step for many businesses a decade ago, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.


Communicating with and persuading new and existing customers to action is the key principle behind any marketing tactic of course, and video is the latest – and perhaps most effective – tool at your disposal.


So How Can I Use web video?


Here is just a selection of the many ways ANY business can incorporate Website Video and boost their bottom line:


Customer Testimonials


You have probably got a plethora of satisfied customers that you have worked with over the past few months. What better way to market your products or services by having these people sing your praises? The most effective testimonials are those that outline a problem, and highlight how YOU solved that issue.


There is still concern from many consumers as to the reliability of many companies online, especially eCommerce retailers. There really is no better way to build trust than with customer testimonial videos.


Product Demos


If you have a particularly strong product offering it makes perfect sense to show it off via a product demonstration video. Here a presenter can show the item in action, stressing any outstanding features.


Examples range from the small to the extraordinary – everything from a revolutionary cleaning product right through to a test drive of a new car are covered by video.


Video Blogs


One way of getting one step ahead of your rivals is by displaying industry expertise. An excellent way of achieving this is through a steady stream of video blog posts, or ‘Vlogging’.


One or two people talking knowledgeably about their chosen field will often build a ‘fan base’, with viewers returning for more snippets of information. If you are a service provider, such as a web design company for example, a video blog post will show you that know what you’re talking about, and is likely to lead to more conversions and enquiries. These also give your business a public ‘face’.


These are just a couple of examples of video presentation styles that could help you maximise your business’s potential in the coming year. Why not keep your eyes peeled for Part Two of the series next week…