Video Sitemaps

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 and is filed under Latest News.

As any web developers know a Sitemap is considered an essential component of a successful SEO strategy. These let Google know exactly which pages exist in a particular website – allowing the spiders to crawl by and rank the web pages accordingly.


The same principle applies for Website Video content. Each video is ‘flagged up’ to the search engines via its metadata, such as keyword-heavy titles, descriptions, tags and transcripts. A video can then be indexed and play its part in the ranking ability of a particular website.


So how does a Video Sitemap work?


A Video Sitemap is no different to a General Sitemap – being a text file that utilises normal protocol. Assigning appropriate tags in your coding ensures your content is found with ease. Tags that must be used for Google to recognise your video include:


URL of the relevant page
URL of the actual video
Any Associated Thumbnail Images


Without wanting to scramble your collective brains right now, an excellent rundown of the Sitemap Protocol can be found here.


Now What?


Simple. You add your newly created video sitemap in the normal way, via Google’s Webmaster Tools. And then wait for the traffic to build and build.


As Google themselves say: “It’s [a Video Sitemap] an excellent way to make sure that Google knows about all the video content on your site, especially content that we might not otherwise discover via our usual crawling mechanisms.”


So don’t delay, submit your Video XML Sitemap today to ensure your Website Video content is getting the attention it deserves.