Video Marketing is Taking Over!

This entry was posted on Monday, November 4th, 2013 and is filed under Latest News.

Many of us have been aware for quite some time that web video marketing is the way forward for a range of different companies. Three years ago the first Annual Business Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report was carried out. The third report has now been released and shows a dramatic change over the past twelve months.


600 marketing and communications companies responded to the survey, answering a series of questions regarding online video production and video marketing. 52% of the responders worked for B2B companies, 22.9% B2C companies, 21% for marketing or communication companies and just 4% for non-profit organisations.


The results show a dramatic increase in funding over the past year within marketing departments. According to the survey, budgets for video content marketing have soared by 70% and are being used to fund a number of different forms of content. For example, video email marketing, social media and video SEO to name but a few.


The responders also revealed that 93% of them are regularly engaged with video marketing, compared to the 84% in 2013. This 9% increase reiterates the growing popularity of video marketing and the benefits are clearly being seen. 82% of the people surveyed said that some form of video marketing has had a positive impact for them. This is a huge percentage and with new algorithm updates on a regular basis now tailoring towards video content too, search engines are clearly taking video into account as a key player within SEO.


So will next year’s report reveal that every business is using video marketing as a way to create interest? Only time will tell but it seems that it could soon be the king of content.