Video Email Marketing Taking Off

This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 and is filed under Latest News.

In the modern business climate, getting one step ahead of your competitors is essential. As ideas and competitive advantage converge, so to can methods of ‘engagement’ – motivating your audience to action.


More and more businesses are harnessing the power of Website Video in order to gain an advantage. But as this in itself becomes more saturated, many observers are wondering what the next logical step is. Here at the Web Video Store we are confident that this is Video Email Marketing.


So what is Video Email Marketing?


Email marketing is not a new concept by any means, but adding video content to a campaign is seen as a new, dynamic method of promoting a business’s message.


Adding video content is proven to increase the click-through rate of an email marketing campaign – maximising the potential for enquiries. This is, of course, the bottom-line factor of success for an email strategy.


And how does it Work?


The design of your email marketing message will incorporate a video file, which will seamlessly play back and engage your viewer for longer. Remember, many people receive literally hundreds of ‘spammy’ marketing emails a year, so it is imperative that yours stands out, and isn’t immediately moved to the Junk folder.


Video content for an email campaign can include web presenters, training videos, video blogs, product demonstrations or anything likely to add value to your company. And if it goes viral, then all the better! But make the content good, otherwise the email will be deleted in mere seconds.


What does it bring to the Table?


As previously mentioned, video email marketing is a great way of engaging your target audience, and moving them to action. As long as content is entertaining, informative or preferably both, the viewer will stick around for longer, and will be much more likely to click through to your website – generating enormous levels of traffic.


And remember, video content is far more readily viewed and enjoyed than the written word. So why not sprinkle some magic dust on your email marketing campaign with some quality video.