Web Video Valentine’s ideas

This entry was posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. Never gets any easier, does it? Finding that perfect present for a loved one, or simply locating an acceptable yet affordable ‘date venue’ (nobody said romance couldn’t be cost effective) can be difficult.



Fortunately, here at the Web Video Store we have hand-picked a selection of ideas that will help your day go smoothly. And they’re all in website video form too. Which is nice.


Earth Shattering Gifts


In times of gift-buying crisis, you can always rely on Marks and Spencer TV to come up with the goods (you may have seen their excellent Christmas videos for example). This one highlights some presents that will apparently “leave her speechless”. In the best possible way presumably.

On a serious note, see how they’ve again incorporated the Internet TV technology that is set to become a massive player in ecommerce in the coming year.


How to Look Good Fully Clothed


Who needs Gok Wan when you’ve got Debenhams TV? They’ve produced a whole array of videos to ensure that you’re looking your best on the big day. From luscious lips to smoky eyes (and not the kind you get when you stay up until 3am on a work night drinking Drambuie), they’ve got you covered.

And for the chaps, there are a couple of guides of how to purchase the perfect perfume and lingerie for your significant other. Well worth a watch, even if it just gives you someone else to blame when you inevitably get the wrong style/size/scent etc.


Location, Location, Location


So you’ve chosen your gift and you’re looking good. Now you’ve got to decide where to take your hot date. This is crucial – go overboard and he/she will think you’re too eager to please. But if it’s not special enough then you can probably kiss goodbye to your chances of a long and lasting relationship.


This is why I take my dates to Megabowl. It is cheap (cost effective), and good fun too. And it’s just got better. How? Two words – Cosmic Bowling. Never before or since has this much fun been had by anyone…