TV is Dead: Long Live Web Video

This entry was posted on Monday, July 4th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

I have been blogging about how TV isn’t going to be here much longer since I was at university.



Web Video is the future; no longer will you be sitting watching your TV and have your laptop on your legs burning them.


I for one have been watching more TV shows and films on my laptop than on actual TV for quite a while – it is the ease of access to shows and films, and you can watch whatever you want whenever you want, for example iTunes has TV and films up for instant download ready for you to watch on your computer.


TV on the go


YouTube has TV shows and now even full length films, so on your TV – with a Internet connection enabled – you can watch the shows you have downloaded on your television, not only that but also be able to browse the internet on your TV. So you maybe have your favourite TV show or film playing in one half of the screen, while browsing the web on the other half.


If you have an Xbox 360, PS3 or even a Nintendo Wii you can get online now and with iPlayer, 4oD and such you can watch TV when you want directly from the Internet.


So will people continue to make shows to be shown on TV or will they make it direct for the Internet then people can select to watch them at there own will no more TV guide just more ‘I’m going to watch this and put it on’.


So more and more people are uploading video online. I recently started watching a web series called ‘Mortal Kombat Legacy’ (which you can see here to get an idea of what ‘webisodes’ are like , where every week a new webisode comes out much like a TV series.


Webisodes are generally mini episodes that tie in with the television series that shows simultaneously on TV, but now companies are releasing pure web series where you can only watch them online – no TV needed. And this was one of them, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


So how long is it going to be before people just upload the shows and episodes onto their websites? You browse genres like comedy, drama and documentary to find shows what you want to watch, and they could maybe have suggestions ‘you like this, have you watched this?’ You could even find a new TV series you love like that -simple.


The Future of web video


So when I see the future of web video I see masses of websites dedicated to selected types of TV Shows, so once your done checking Facebook you just pick up your remote and browse the web looking at different sites considering what you want to watch. “Hmm I fancy watching House”… American TV Drama boom there you go, click on the episode and enjoy.


YouTube already has something like this, where you can browse categories/genres to find a series you would like to watch, then they have series and episodes you can pick from, so in theory it’s already here, it’s just going to get bigger and bigger.


Now in America and here soon hopefully there is Google TV, which is exactly what I was talking about. Take a look, and prepare to be blown away with its awesomeness.