The New JVC GY-HM150e

This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Here at the Web Video Store we’re quite JVC orientated we have a JVC GYHM-700 (The Godfather) and the GYHM-100. Both cameras are dynamic, flexible and superbly reliable.



JVC have just released their brand new HM150E model, the upgrade to the incredibly versatile HM-100 and below are some of the key new features in its upgrade.


So probably one of the biggest features available with the HM-150 upgrade is that it now features dual SDHC and SDXC technology. You can read my blog on SDHC & SDXC cards here. This is a huge step for such a small camera. As well as the ability to use large memory cards, the dual SDHC/SDXC slots feature a superb new feature enabling simultaneous recording for both A and B slots. You can easily create duplicate files without the need for recording externally. Great feature!


One of my favourite features from JVC’s Pro HD range is the focus assist. This technology now finds its way into the HM-150 small package. The focus assist turns the image in the viewfinder and LCD black and white, and outlines the subject a crisp blue to ensure fast and easy focusing.


We’ve just recently finished a shoot for a track day company, U-Drive Cars. Filming fast Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s having the focus assist available was an absolute godsend. Especially when your in the boot of a Land Rover.




I love where the Iris control is now. It has moved from the back of the camera (next to the battery) to the front behind the focusing ring. These little changes really show that this small camera is pushing for professional functionality, whilst keeping its small dynamic size.


The camera also accommodates a remote controller for zoom control, iris, focus and record start/stop. Prices for the camera start from around £2,000 without the new remote control tool, and £2,400 with.


Small in size and lightweight, the HM-150 has the practicality that made its older brother the HM-100 such a hit, and the professional features from the Pro HD range to make it an even bigger success.


For detailed specifications click here.