The New GoPro HD Hero 2

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

We are huge fans of the GoPro HD Hero cameras! We are currently completing an edit for a Car Experience day using footage shot using the GoPro Car mounts.


So when I heard yesterday that GoPro were about to release a sleeker upgrade – the Go Pro HD Hero 2 – I was very keen to see what was on offer.


If you haven’t heard of Go Pro cameras, you’ve more than likely seen some of their footage. Being waterproof, shockproof and offering full 1080p HD, the Go Pro Hero’s have been used in many television programmes and countless action enthusiast videos on the web.



These cameras can be worn, strapped and clamped to anything, including surf boards, cars (interior and exterior), motorbikes, crash helmets – this list goes on. The reason why they can go anywhere is because of the incredible versatility built into the camera mounts.



So that’s a very brief history into the Go Pro range, but what about this new camera?


If the stats are anything to go by, this new offering from GoPro is twice the camera to its predecessor. Instead of the previous 5mp camera, the Hero 2 offers an 11mb sensor and a 2x sharper lens. If that’s not enough, the image quality has been boosted even more with an upgraded low light feature, which along with the menu was my only gripe with the original model.


GoPro HD Hero 2 New Features


An external 3.5mm mic input has been added for the Top Gear enthusiasts (on board commentary).


GoPro really have spared no expense when creating the Hero 2, and it really does show. The camera’s LCD screen has been updated to a much more user friendly, easy to use interface, but what I’m most excited about is the new WiFi capabilities.


Along with the Hero 2, GoPro have announced the WiFi BacPac and WiFi remote. By simply connecting the BacPac to the Hero 2, you can use either the remote to control the camera or your Smartphone, tablet or computer. If live streaming is your thing, when connected to the WiFi BacPac, the Hero 2 can stream via WiFi to mobile devices and to the web. GoPro have opened a very large door by tapping into one of the most exciting and unique technologies of the web.


GoPro WiFi BacPac & Remote


So how much does this new camera cost? Well at £299.99, it’s still going to leave a little dent in the wallet and there’s a bit of a giveaway in the title – GoPro HD Hero 2 Professional. Whether you’re a GoPro enthusiast, an amateur filmmaker or video production company, the HD Hero 2 doesn’t look to disappoint.


But if you just want a camera to capture days out using fun POV angles, that is just as durable and can still deliver HD footage for half the cash; I’ve got no issues with recommending the Hero 1. Yes, the LCD menu is incredibly frustrating and yes, it’s not great in low light but assess why you want the camera in the first place.


For its size, versatility and image quality, there’s nothing on the market that can compete with the new release of the HD Hero 2. GoPro solidify that they are in fact number 1.