Video and Social Media

This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 and is filed under Latest News.

Social media is now one of the biggest industries in the world with leaders such as Facebook and Twitter expanding every day. Starting off many moons ago with the likes of Bebo and MySpace, social media has changed dramatically over the years. Nowadays it is not simply a space to communicate with friends online, it is a source of world news as it is happening and can be used to find jobs and even partners.


Youtube has been one of the largest sites for years, with more and more videos being added and shared every minute. It’s Facebook page has recently achieved more than 75 million likes, proving it’s worldwide success.


With the smart phone hype continuing, developers are making the most of this and creating social video applications at a very fast pace, that offer a different experience to Youtube. Recent players such as Vine and Keek have hit the ground running and are taking the social media generation by storm.


Celebrities are signing up to Keek to record videos of their personal lives and share their footage with fans, as well as sharing Vine links via other social media outlets.


Coming up with new angles does not seem to be a problem, for instance, Snapchat has recently taken the app market by storm. By only being able to view pictures or video clips once before they are deleted, this has added a new and exciting element.


This is only highlighting the power of video, with people becoming more and more impatient and wanting information immediately. In such a fast-moving society, the thirst for information is driving many companies. Therefore including video to your site, whatever the industry, could be the best decision you ever made. You can get information across within seconds and can answer customer’s questions without them having to move an inch.


It is obvious that video is the future, so why wait to get involved?