Ten Reasons why Property Video

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

You may have heard about the hype surrounding property video, but have wondered whether it’s for you? Well, we’ve got ten very good reasons why it just might be:


  1. Property Video adds ‘perceived value’ – a well thought-out property video tour can actually add value to your property in the viewers mind.
  2. Production costs of an estate agent video are low – a standard property video can be filmed and edited in a day, so production costs are kept to a minimum.
  3. Video is part and parcel of modern digital marketing – so why can’t estate agents take advantage of it too?
  4. Property Videos show depth and scale – still photography simply cannot highlight the sheer size and scale of a home.
  5. Video has become part and parcel of everyday life – the everyday Internet user now EXPECTS video content.
  6. Broadband speeds facilitate smooth playback – modern Internet speeds mean that 99% of computers can easily playback video content without buffering or long loading times.
  7. 24/7 property viewings – this means that potential buyers can view a property from the comfort of their own armchair 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  8. Property Videos ‘accelerate’ a buying decision  if a property video generates a few hundred views on YouTube, this is likely to prompt the viewer into making an offer sooner, for fear of missing out.
  9. Property Video creates an ‘emotional bond’ – the key to creating an attachment between the viewer and a property is to seduce them initially with visuals. Video far outweighs photography in achieving this.
  10. Property videos can be easily shared – whether on an estate agent’s website, YouTube, social media channels or as part of an email marketing campaign, property video tours can easily be ‘spread’ around the world wide web.


So there you have it, ten good reasons why property video is set to transform the way estate agents up and down the country go about their business.