Streaming Wars (Part 2)

This entry was posted on Thursday, August 4th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Now rumour has it that Netflix are trying to make a move overseas to the UK, which might be why Amazon and LOVEFiLM are stepping up their game making deals with networks to boost the library of online TV and Movies that are available, because if Netflix come over they will have a much wider selection and start taking some of Amazon and LOVEFiLM’s custom.



There were also rumours that Hulu was going to be taken over with names like Yahoo and Apple being thrown around but not much has been heard since.


Now Hulu have made a deal with Fox, in order to view their TV episodes online the day after it has aired on TV. To view the Fox Episodes you will need to have Hulu Plus at $7.99 per-month. If not, users must wait eight days before seeing a Fox episode for free, so with this move by Hulu maybe they have no intention of being sold.


So what happens now? Well for now they will all still continue to compete against each other but eventually one will probably rule supreme. Over here so far it’s Amazon with LOVEFiLM, but If Netflix gets over here it might all change.


When it comes to Netflix vs Hulu, they seem pretty settled with Netflix for movies and Hulu for TV, but I see Netflix taking all, and becoming number one in the web video streaming world.


This isn’t even mentioning the free web video streaming sites offered by networks, i.e. BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player, Demand 5 and even YouTube offering free TV episodes and free movies, among others that are out there.


So the pay per month sites have to compete with them to make sure they are offering the best they can, otherwise people will just stop paying and try and find it for free.

But what makes people choose which service to use? It is obviously the library of TV and Movies the site holds, but maybe it’s also how you can choose to consume it.

As the times change more and more options are opening up about where you can watch your chosen TV shows or films and on what device. I think it will be the site that offers the widest selection of device play back that will win… when they offer TV and Movie streaming on your phone (Google is already there), on tablets and on the TV without connecting your laptop up to it.

People will also want free stuff, having the option if they wanted to watch the free streaming site mentioned above or even illegally download or watch TV and films on other sites out there which wont make them pay, so paid sites like Netflix and such really need to work at keeping their customers happy by keeping a wide selection of freebies.

It will be whoever keeps up-to-date with device playback, library content and freebies that will win the customer. And, at the end of it all, I think it will be a bitter war between Netflix and Amazon/LOVEFiLM when they all go global.

What do you think?