Share and Share Alike

This entry was posted on Friday, February 25th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Startling statistics unveiled by the brilliant viral video cats at Unruly Media show that video sharing has grown by over 86% during the last year or so.



Video activity across the big players such as Facebook and Twitter revealed that users were spreading hot content like wildfire – adding fuel to the flames that web video is to be THE single biggest growth area in online marketing for 2011.


Stat Attack


In May 2010, a cool 30.8million videos were shared on Facebook. In December, this had risen to a whopping 62.5million. As the keen mathematicians amongst you will have noted, this is almost double. And on Twitter, there was almost 200,000 more videos ‘shared’ (tweeted or re-tweeted) in November as there were in May.


It’s important to remember of course that the number of users of these particular websites will have grown during this period too, so you would expect a natural increase. And there are seasonal fluctuations to consider – things like The X Factor and major sporting events contribute massively to this.


What it Means for Web Video


The facts behind the numbers are that more and more people are viewing, enjoying and sharing website video with their friends and followers. The continued proliferation (Grade B in English GCSE by the way) of smartphones and web technologies will facilitate this, as more and more people are able to watch web video content on their mobiles, as well as access their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


The onus then is on video creators to produce content that gets people talking – and sharing. The ability to reach such significant numbers of people highlights exactly why video sharing is a brilliant way to promote a business, attract new customers and stimulate existing clientele.


And with WebM set to ‘blow up’ in the coming months and years (keep your eyes peeled for Sam’s blog on this – coming soon), who’s to say that these numbers won’t multiply again…