A new web video broadcaster

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Yahoo just revealed its new web video site, called ‘Yahoo Screen‘


On here you will find thousands of original and licensed video clips ready for you to browse and watch at your own leisure.



The website has channels where you will find a whole host of video content spanning from lifestyle, sports, movies, comedy and Yahoo Originals.



This is Yahoo’s attempt at being recognized as the “premier digital media company.”


Currently only available on computers and laptops Yahoo want you to be able to get it on you phone soon too. Yahoo is also partnering with ABC, which should bring more video content there way, but to me this is all seems a bit to little to late.


We have YouTube which offers you all the web video content you could shake a rattle at, it has loads of channels, which hold full TV episodes, full Movies and lots of original programming.


Yahoo I believe would really have to pull off something special to take off in the web video world with the likes YouTube around.


If you watch a lot of video content online, maybe this is for you? It could be another stop for you to quench your thirst for web video.