Property Video Tours

This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

Here at the Web Video Store we pride ourselves on delivering quality video at some of the most competitive prices around. With this in mind, our new venture is set to get tongues wagging in estate agents up and down the country – property video tours!


The aim of our property videos is to minimise the amount of time spent on wasted viewings. One of the main gripes of estate agents across the land is the ‘curious viewer’ – usually a couple, this pair will view a home without any real  serious desire to make an offer, it is the fascination with the lives of others that drives this.



So by putting a property on video we can satisfy this curiositywhich ensures that viewings are arranged with couples and individuals with a genuine interest in that particular property.


The real success of an estate agent video is the enhanced ‘saleability’ they bring to the party. With estate agents’ YouTube channels getting thousands of hits every week, property videos are revolutionising the way that agents market their properties.


In an otherwise stagnant market, property video tours are a great way of stimulating interest in a home. With nearly 75% of homeowners stating that they are more likely to choose an estate agent with a video marketing platform, this is an exciting venture for vendors and the Web Video Store alike.


Remember, more and more people are adapting to changes in technology. This has been facilitated by the older generations getting into social media and purchasing new smartphones – which has taken some of the fear factor away from the Internet and technology for people of a certain vintage. This extra confidence means that the potential audience for property video is astounding – there really are no boundaries.


To sweeten the deal yet further we offer a superb range of discounts to estate agents who sign up to our six-monthly or yearly subscription packages. And we’ll even throw in an introductory video free of charge as well.


Alternatively, we are happy to produce a one-off video for properties valued at over £500,000, and we can enhance these with some great added features, such as interactive floor plans or a professional presenter tour.



For any more information, please feel free to contact us directly on the telephone numbers listed above.