The Polaroid Cube

This entry was posted on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 and is filed under Latest News.

The Cube is the new ‘lifestyle action camera’ by Polaroid, this groovy looking little thing can shoot 1080p Full HD video and has a 124° wide-angle lens and the capability to take 6MP photos while you’re recording video!

The Polaroid Cube

Not too shabby, measuring in at 35mm (less than two inches) you’ll be able to carry this everywhere. It takes Micro SD cards up to 32GB and has a built in battery, which can record up to 90 minutes and charges via USB.

The Polaroid Cube

The Polaroid Cube is also water resistant up to 2M, shockproof and mountable, with a magnet on the bottom it will stick to any metal surface.


Sounds pretty awesome, there’s also a host of mounts you can get for it too:

Cube Mounts

Now this little chap is no way a competitor for the GoPro, which is still technically a consumer camera but a lot more pro than this – however, that in no way writes the cube off.


Available for pre-order at Photojojo! for just $100 (around 60 of our Great British pounds). This is a great camera for your extreme sports loving kids, ‘cos lets face it you don’t want to give them your beloved GoPro, that’s yours! They can mount this on the handlebars of their bike, or surfboard, all at an acceptable cost to produce awesome web videos that them and their friends will love.