A new video tool has popped up

This entry was posted on Monday, June 24th, 2013 and is filed under Latest News.

Boundaries are being broken every day when it comes to sharing content on the web. But a new kid on the block has taken that one step further, creating a totally new concept when it comes to creating video.


When watching a video, have you ever thought you wished you knew what a certain word meant or exactly where somewhere was in the world that was mentioned? Well that has just become that little bit easier! PopcornMaker is a Mozilla creation, which will entertain both producers and viewers for hours on end.



You can combine a standard video or music clip with other aspects from the web such as text, twitter feeds and photographs, completely changing the effect of the content! For instance, with a standard video about a product, you can add pictures, which pop up as well as linking Twitter feeds about the particular product. This way you can keep your content new and relevant, and you can always add in anything extra later on, to update it. There is a whole list of extras that you can add to the video and ways in which you can make it stand out to viewers.


This is revolutionary when it comes to sharing video on the web, incorporating various aspects that are also currently shared online. By using a Popcorn edited video on your blog or website, viewers can become far more interactive with the content and, as it is a recent craze, are highly likely to return to see what more you have to offer.


The website features a demo and a tutorial so you can learn how to use the tool and have a play around with a video of your own, or by importing one. You can also watch examples of other clips that have been produced to get your creative juices flowing. Search for #makerparty on Twitter to see what others are producing and maybe arrange a maker party with friends of your own? Invite fellow video lovers and see what you can all produce! So what are you waiting for? Have a go!