Netflix Makes Emmy History

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 and is filed under Latest News.

Six years ago a change was made to the rules of Emmy nominations that reflected the change in television. Online-only shows were for the first time allowed to be included within nominations, and could potentially win the first Emmy for this type of show. However, ever since then only a small number of these shows have appeared within the list and only for the smaller categories.



This year, for the 65th annual award ceremony, the tables have finally turned. Netflix is reigning superior with hit online series ‘House of Cards‘. The show, produced by and starring Kevin Spacey, is a political drama series that follows Francis “Frank” Underwood on his personal mission to become president. After being betrayed by the current President, he will use every secret he knows in the world of politics to claw his way to the top.



The first series has become a huge success and the second series is already in production. It has received nine nominations including ‘Best Drama Series’, ‘Lead Actress’ for Robin Wright and ‘Lead Actor’ for Kevin Spacey. This is a huge achievement for the program and a triumph for online services such as Netflix.


Another show exclusive to Netflix ‘Arrested Development‘ season 4 has also been nominated for three awards. After the show was cancelled by Fox back in 2006 it seemed that there would never be another series. However in May of 2013, 15 new episodes were released via the online service.


The Emmy awards ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on 22nd September, so until then we will hold our breath in anticipation. Could ‘House of Cards’ be the first online-only show to take home the prestigious title of Emmy award winner? Well we shall just have to wait and see…