Movember: Top Moustache Moments

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Each year the month of November heralds the festival of facial furniture ‘Movember’, where hardy souls from across the globe allow their moustaches to grow wild in the name of mens health charities.



Never afraid to shamelessly hop aboard a bandwagon, the guys (and gals?) here at the Web Video Store are bravely risking social suicide with a Movember campaign of our own. Luckily for us, the ‘deviant uncle’ look is set to be massive this winter, so needless to say we’ll be having the last laugh…


Great Cause


In all seriousness, Movember is a great cause, with participants raising big money for programmes ran by the chosen charity partners – The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Institute of Cancer Research. In 2010, over 112,000 people raised a whopping £11.7 million.


The aim of the game is to stimulate awareness and discussion of a wide range of mens health issues, which of course can only be a good thing. So why not join us in our quest for exquisite moustachery and hirsute tomfoolery, and give generously to all those involved.


And if you see someone rocking some fruity manscaping, don’t be alarmed; they could be doing something great this November.


Just to whet the appetite, here is our top three moustache web video moments, in no particular order:


The Handlebar Moustache Club


The ‘tache choice of the connoisseur, The Handlebar Moustache Club meet regularly at the Windsor Castle pub in London, to discuss matters of the top lip and to enjoy a few light ales. Now, the first rule of Handlebar Moustache Club is that you do not discuss Handlebar Moustache Club, which makes this web video all the more surprising…



The World Beard and Moustache Championship

Yep, this does exist, and in some quarters is treated as seriously as the World Cup, the Olympics and the SuperBowl combined, and rightly so. As this website video highlights, these guys take things very seriously



Magnum P.I

This is Tom Selleck, aka Grandmaster Tache, just being a general badass in Magnum P.I. There’s just some blokes you’d like to be able to turn to in your hour of need, and this guy is certainly one of them. He could overthrow a government, foil an evil terrorist plot and take a former Miss World for a sunset date on his yacht, and still be back in time for Emmerdale. But he’d be nothing without his coiffeured upper lip…



More information on Movember is available on there site.