McTV – Whatever Next?

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

So McDonald’s has its own network and TV is coming into its restaurants.

The McTV network will be installed into 800 McDonald’s restaurants around America on big shiny HD screens, from 42 to 46 inches in size and to be positioned near the seating areas.



It will feature programmes from BBC America, local news and a whole host of local content produced by Vimby (a video production company) through its relationships with local filmmakers in nearby cities.


As the content Vimby is providing is local, the programmes will cover such things as high school and college athletics, information about local music and entertainment shows, and content covering fashion, art, music, nightlife, and culture.


The network will have up to eight minutes of advertising per hour dotted between programmes, which will be around 22 minutes in length, and McDonald’s will also be having 1.5 minutes of advertising for itself. This could be an opportunity for local business to advertise their products and companies to a fair sized audience.


So will McTV take off?



Will you be jumping for joy like old Ronald McDonald? Will it make you stay in the restaurant longer? Or do you not really care?