Making the Most of Video Content

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 and is filed under Latest News.

Producing great web video content is a labour of love for many people: whether it’s corporate video or purely for entertainment purposes, video is a welcome addition to any website.


But the scope of web video is far greater these days – it shouldn’t just be plonked on your homepage and left to gather dust. There are new, and some not so new, outlets for video these days that will ensure your content is being viewed by the biggest audience possible.


Video Sharing Platforms

So we have all grown to know and love YouTube, without doubt the net’s most widely-used and viewed video sharing platform. But there are others out there that more than deserve your attention. Vimeo for instance is a network for more creative videographers – no water skiing squirrels here!


Social Networks


You can never ignore the power of Facebook. With an estimated 100 million unique viewers a month, your video will be getting plenty of attention. The potential for video that Facebook offers is unrivalled.


Whilst the platform at the minute is dominated by user generated content, music videos and virals, research has suggested that more and more filmmakers and videographers will be utilising the network in the months and years to come.


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites, such as DeliciousFolkd and Mister Wong etc, are a great tool for promoting existing video content that is located elsewhere. For example, if you are a video blogger, it is well worth bookmarking your YouTube channel’s URL when you upload a new edition of your blog.


Bookmarking sites are fast-growing, with millions of unique viewers each month. Consider it another way of advertising your video content, making the most of as many mediums as possible.


Video Email Marketing


As you may or may not have read in one of our previous blog posts video email campaigns are going to become a huge player in the marketing mix in 2011 and beyond.


Remember, these are just a few principle examples of outlets for your web video content. It’s well worth using these locations as the building blocks for creating an online network of followers.


As daft as it sounds, people and businesses create video be to seen by as many people as possible – generating traffic and stimulating interest. So get it out there!