Making the Most of Video Blogs

This entry was posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 and is filed under Latest News.

A video blog is a great way of passing on your own expertise or opinion on a subject, through the medium of an engaging and captivating web video.


The popularity of web video has been driven by a dynamic change in the consumption of media that we have experienced in recent years, all fired of course by ‘Web 2.0’.


The Advantages of Video Blogging


The advantages of a video blog are numerous: you can really cement your position as a knowledgeable industry leader for example, and break down complex information into easier to understand word bites.


And the result of this? You can build trust with potential clients, keep them on your website for longer (lowering that all-important Conversion Rate), which of course in turn will lead to increased enquiries/sales. Never underestimate the importance of giving your company a ‘face’, which is a great way of breaking down barriers.


The Content


The content of a successful video blog really is up to you – they can range from educational material regarding a particular subject right through to the presentation of a new product. Take a look at our work with Nick & James from Creare Design for an example of an effective video blog.


Where Should I Post My Blog


Naturally the first point of call will be to host the video on your own website. This will drive the maximum amount of web traffic to your site, and ensure you make the most of your SEO efforts.


In addition, it may be worthwhile posting your blog on video sharing networks such as YouTube and Vimeo, or alternatively a blogging platform such as This will ensure your content gets seen by a vast worldwide audience, and is great for establishing your reputation as an industry powerhouse.


In Conclusion


It’s worth remembering that video content – of any nature – is far more engaging and readily viewed than the written word. Regularly updated video blogs really do open doors in terms of the amount – and quality – of enquiries you will receive.


So whether you film your blogs in-house or outsource them to a web video producer like ourselves, be sure to take advantage sooner rather than later.