Make your Normal TV SMARTER

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

That’s right – a company based in Dubai called Infinitec have created what they call Pocket TV.


All you have to do is plug this little gadget into your television via a HDMI port, and your TV will be transformed into a smart device like your mobile phone.


It will allow you to download apps to your TV, watch web video and also the likes of YouTube, Lovefilm and Netflix. You will also be able to browse the Internet, do work, read PDF documents and emails, and make video calls if you connect a camera via the USB slot. You can also of course access all of your social media sites, and listen to music and catch up on news around the world.


It is this type of device and the other connected smart TVs that are leading the way in Internet TV, where businesses will one day have a video ‘channel’ rather than a website.


Infinitec set up a Kickstarter, where they have been taking pledges. They had a goal of £100,000 and have already surpassed this with £372,923 and counting – with seven days still to go they could get four times their goal.


If you head over to the Kickstarter site you can see all of the great features of this handy little device, but if you look at this image you can see all the specs…



The device comes in Black, white and red, and you have a choice of remote…



Or you could choose to control it from your smart phone. You can use your iPhone or Android device to control the Pocket TV, you just have to download the Google Remote TV app, which I’m sure would save some pennies if you were already looking at getting the Air Remote, which I believe would come at an extra charge to the Basic IR Remote.


If you pledge $99 or more, you will be able to get your mitts on one of these, which are expected to ship in October. Otherwise, you should expect to pay around $190 plus $15 shipping to England, and for those pennies you get one Pocket TV and one Air Remote.


A great thing about this product – unlike normal Smart TV’s – is that it is transportable. You can take it everywhere with you, which is a great feature if you are on the move all the time.


Is this product worth your hard earned pennies, or are you just going to wait till your TV croaks and buy a new smart TV?