This entry was posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 and is filed under Testimonials.

We used the Web Video Store to help us create a new online video for our website to make it more current and appealing to our target market.


From the very beginning they took a dynamic and professional outlook to what we wanted to capture. They were able to grasp our core business offerings from the outset and from there it was easy. We were extremely impressed with the whole process and they could not have made it easier for us. They kept us well informed throughout the whole process, gave us innovative ideas, helped with props, caused minimal disturbance to the everyday running of the company, on time,…. And much more!


They took care of all our needs perfectly and I would highly recommend their services. Overall a very happy customer and the feedback we have received from our customers and colleagues has been outstanding. Great job from the Web Video Store production team.