HTML5 Vs Flash

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 and is filed under Latest News.

HTML5 is a new way of embedding video into a web page, so that the web video is playable on Apple devices such as iPad’s and iPhone’s. These devices do not support Flash embedded video and audio files, and with the boom in the number of consumers accessing the web from their mobile devices rocketing it makes sense to consider HTML5.


According to the guys at MeFeedia, HTML5 video use has risen significantly during 2010 – from just 10% of all web videos at the start of the year right through to now, where over half of all videos on the net are HTML5.


Even YouTube is in the process of transforming its content into HTML5, as they recognise the significance of Apple’s increasing web dominance.


The beauty of HTML5 videos is that they do not require a plug-in to use, meaning the audience can play your video without the need to download additional programs.


Is the Hype Justified?

Unfortunately, to support iPad/iPhone/Android viewing, Website Video producers must encode their files in H.264 format. The main downside of this of course is that H.624 files are not supported by the more popular web browsers.


Whilst those who use Google Chrome and Safari are compatible, the more widely used Firefox and Internet Explorer are not (although IE9, scheduled for release in 2011, will support it).


“We will not be adding more form features in Firefox 4, and there is clearly still some work to get full support for HTML5 forms” said Anthony Ricaud from


So this really begs the question: should we support HTML5 web video?