Video Can Support an SEO Campaign

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

A slightly different tack to our usual blog postings, here we look at how incorporating web video on your website and other digital channels can make a big difference to your SEO efforts.


Now, Google’s algorithm is changing all the time, which is what makes the whole search engine optimisation thing all the more tricky. However, there are a few notable areas that keep cropping up time and time again.



Bounce & Click Rate

One poorly guarded secret in SEO is that Google’s algorithm loves what it considers to be ‘quality web pages’. One way in which it measures this is by the amount of time a unique visitor spends on a particular page, and then subsequently on the whole site. This is called the Bounce Rate.


So what tools are available that can keep a visitor on your site for longer?


Well, a 2010 study from ComScore shows that a viewer stays for on average up to two minutes longer on a site where website video is present. In addition, they are far more likely to spend time investigating the rest of a website as a result.


As a knock-on effect of this, visitors will be more receptive to calls to action. This is known as the Click Through Rate, which is another essential SEO ranking factor.


Social Butterfly


A more recent addition to Google’s considerations is the use of social networking, or – specifically – ‘Social Sharing’. This is simply the amount of Twitter Retweets and Facebook Likes/Shares that a web page receives.


So how would one achieve this holiest of holy grails? The key to social sharing is entertaining content, and creating a community of people enjoying what is – in layman’s terms – good stuff. Of course video, and particularly viral video, is a key facilitator of this. So ensure any video content has the Facebook, Twitter and even Google + widgets on hand for peeps to get sharing!


Other Things to Remember


There are other cheeky techniques which can be implemented to maximise the SEO benefit of video to your website. Here’s a good one: have a web presenter on your site, and ensure their speech is keyword rich. Then, upload a transcript of the speech and add this to your site, to ensure keyword maximisation in an acceptable and non-spammy way. Clever eh?


And in these modern times, video can be streamlined to ensure quicker loading times. This then has minimal impact upon a website’s loading time, which is an SEO consideration and did used to be a concern of optimisers across the globe.


So there you have it: Video has a positive impact upon an SEO campaign. In fact, it could be the difference between you and your competitors.