Estate Agents Maximise your Sales

This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

The Internet is becoming an increasingly popular medium for house hunters to undertake their search for their dream property.

As reported on, around 80% of house hunters in the UK now use the Internet to start their search for a new property. This then represents a massive potential growth area, which if harnessed correctly could give estate agents and property portals significant advantage over their competitors.


Statistics show that the typical estate agent spends around 60% of their marketing budget on the Internet. In five years time this is expected to rise to around 90%, as agents look to modernise and find more effective ways to present their properties in-line with the latest technological advances. It is likely that web video will be the key player behind this.


Adding a video tour to your property’s profile online will undoubtedly add ‘saleability’. Static photos do create interest admittedly but they only show so much, whereas video is more interactive and dynamic. In fact, with the incorporation of HD filming, it’s almost as if you’re in the property yourself (humour me) – giving birth to the phenomenon of ’24-hour, on demand property viewings’.


So what to Film?


The main objective of your video tour is to bridge the gap between photos of the property and an actual physical tour. If done correctly the video will stimulate the number of page views, and as a consequence the amount of enquiries/viewings.


So the one camera approach is fine, although a Steadicam rig wouldn’t go a miss! But the main thing is to have a nice, slow pan of each of the rooms, shining a nice spotlight on any ‘USP’s’.


What about the Audio?


With any property video tour there are four principle audio options to consider:


Voiceover – This would perhaps be the most advantageous. A professional voiceover will act as a highly-effective sales tool, describing the key features of the house and also the benefits of living there (quiet location, large garden etc).


Background Music – A soothing soundtrack that compliments the action is a great weapon. However be warned, there is a fine line between success and failure. Lilting orchestral number by all means, but the new single from The Rotting Corpses probably isn’t going to go down so well. Copyright free music websites such as Stock Music offer an extensive selection of tunes from across the genres for a small fee.


Interview – This takes the form of a voiceover, but is actually delivered by the existing owner of the property, or maybe even the landlord. The individual is interviewed – what do they like about the house, what are the benefits of living there and reasons for selling – and then edit this appropriately to the footage shot.


Presenter – A slightly unorthodox take would be to have a presenter acting as a ‘guide’ through the property. Whilst they may attract more attention themselves than the actual property, this could be the best way of highlighting any attractive/unusual features.


To Conclude


Property video tours are set to be the new frontier for estate agents in how they present their houses to the buying public. This is set to be a massive growth area over the coming months and years, so it makes perfect sense to get one step ahead now.


Adding your web video to your own website, to Right Move and to YouTube, will maximise your potential audience, and is sure to quicken the process from upload to sale. If you would like any more information – or a quotation – please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the Web Video Store today.