Help Your Business Grow (Part Two)

This entry was posted on Monday, January 10th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Following on from Part One of this post on how small, medium and large corporations can adopt Website Video in their strategies for 2011, we offer further insight into the how’s, why’s and so forth.


Video Tour


Businesses in a certain field will utilise a showroom – obviously car, kitchen and bathroom sales being the first that spring to mind. A video tour of such premises is a great way for potential customers to have a gander at your ‘products’ without having to leave the comfort of their own home – a highly appealing feature for many people.


Other examples of video tours that are particularly effective include those in ‘medical facilities’ – dentists, doctors and chiropractic practices take note.


Training Video


There are two main types of training video: the first is where a presenter or actor visually shows how to use a product – generally from the more complex end of the spectrum.


The second would be used as a more in-house tool, offering training to new and existing employees. How many of us have had to sit through those naff health & safety videos at some point? These days, the training video has progressed somewhat, so why not utilise them in your internal strategies.


Website Demonstration Video


Your business may have a shiny, sparkly, confusing and difficult to use website. If the sure cannot navigate their way around your web pages then they are likely to move elsewhere, resulting in a loss of enquiry or order.


A website demonstration vehicle is a great way of remedying this. A web presenter can help to guide the viewer around the site, pointing out key ‘Calls to Action’ and directing them to where you want them to go, e.g. an enquiry form or order page. These videos are especially useful for ecommerce websites.


Email Video


Whilst an email containing a link to a video located elsewhere can be a successful ploy, it is widely known that a video embedded within the body will dramatically increase the ‘Open Rate’ of an email marketing campaign.


The battle then is to produce content that generates a positive response, whether that’s a direct sale, a further enquiry, a request for information etc. Perhaps the best way of tickling the viewer’s fancy is with a viral email video.


Viral Video


A viral video is one that is interesting/entertaining/informative (delete as appropriate), and engages people to share it with their friends/family/neighbours/enemies. These videos become shared so widely that they spread like a virus, hence the name.


You have probably seen a few of these yourself – a recent example would be the homeless man in the USA who has a voice like silk. Obviously, creating a successful viral campaign is tricky, but if it comes off for your business you can expect maximum reward.


There are many other ways in which Website Video can be used by your business to help maximise commercial performance. These will be relevant to your size, budget and industry, but the bottom line remains the same across the board – Website Video will set your business apart from your competitors, and for all the right reasons.