#1: Video Email Marketing

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

With email having been around since the dawn of time (or 1971, whichever came first), Internet marketers soon discovered the potential that electronic messaging had in terms of promoting a business’s products and services. Thus, email marketing was born…



Fast forward a few decades and email marketing as a concept has become rather stale. So online marketing whizz’s have started looking for fresh ways to breathe life into what is a successful promotional platform. One such method is through the integration of web video.


Broadband + Video Playback = Very Nice!


With the advent of Broadband and increasing speeds, more and more web browsers can stream videos with minimal buffering or stoppages. This has facilitated the so-called ‘web video revolution’, which is set to continue throughout the next couple of years.


The notion of an email marketing strategy is to engage potential customers with valuable, informative or entertaining content, delivered straight to their inbox. This would then encourage a click-through to a ‘target location’, usually the sender’s own website.


With a significant improvement in encoding and embedding technologies, video content can now easily and seamlessly be integrated into the body of an email. Or, alternatively, a link can be displayed within the email that guides the viewer to video content that is situated elsewhere, such as on a branded holding page.


Integrating Web Video into an Email Campaign


Examples of quality video content for an email campaign include product demonstrations, web presenters, testimonials, updates and latest news, video blogs and anything that has the potential to ‘go viral’.


It is important to note that not all email hosts support embedded video, so a committed inbox testing regime will have to be undertaken prior to production. As a solution, many companies look to use their emails as a ‘tease’ – perhaps via a static image with a play button – which then links externally, for the viewer to peruse at their leisure.


The principle remains the same across the board – adding video to an email marketing strategy is a highly cost-effective medium for promoting your business, using the most engaging tool of them all…web video.