G+, social’s new be-all and end-all

This entry was posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

So the giants Google are tackling the social networking world once again after Google Buzz (their shoddy attempt at beating Twitter) pretty much failed but is still out there, and also Google Wave which is gone.



Google have created Google+, which is currently in the early testing stages with invite only access to using it. Could this be the new big name in social networking, the one to finally knock Facebook off the top spot? It has potential…


Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, Huddle, Instant upload


I just wrote a list of words… no! Well yes, but also the features of Google+ which makes it different from the rest.


The Features


First off:


Circles – Google+ lets you sort your friends into different groups, for example Family, Work Friends, Random People and Good Friends. What’s good about this is that you can post updates to different circles, keeping certain friends purposely out of the loop. You can add and change people from certain circles just by dragging and dropping.


This is great – me being someone who has family and friends on Facebook the last thing I want is to post photos or updates (rude ones) and my mum reading or seeing them so this feature would work great.


But would it change anything really? Facebook does have some features a little like this, allowing you to block some people’s updates and stop others from seeing some, but nothing as good as this.


So mark one for Google+ there.


Hangouts – Hangouts is a feature that allows you to video chat with you friends in a group. All you have to do is mark yourself as willing to hangout, and you can then begin chatting with friends via webcam and friends can just join in.


This is quite nifty, say you have friends all over the world you could talk to them all at the same time – everyone sharing memories of their travels for example, when you can’t just meet up at your local Starbucks. I think this feature will be used mostly for work conferencing, this way they all log-on and join the head honchos’ hangout, and they can all video call the conference from sitting anywhere in front of their laptop or home desktop computer, carrying on as normal as if everyone is in the same room, meaning it won’t mess up your schedule as much as going into the office would.


However, some businesses use Skype, and also Facebook has now introduced video chat where instead of just type chatting with your friends you will now be able to Skype them, as Facebook and Skype have teamed up for the webcam video chats on FB which is set to launch very soon.


Google+ out does them here with you being able to video chat to more than one person at a time within Hangouts so mark 2 for Google+.


This is just the start of the features – the best is yet to come. Tomorrow I will be posting the second part to this blog where you will find out about Sparks, the Google+ app and what Facebook is doing about all this.