Google Adwords for Video

This entry was posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Google has recently announced its ‘Adwords for Video’ Beta programme, which will “combine the science of online advertising with the emotional engagement of video”.



In a similar vein to Google’s Pay per Click marketing tool, the new features enable advertisers to place their video content in the search engine’s Display Network – a massive platform reaching over 80% of web users – and YouTube, the undisputed heavyweight web video champion of the world.


The best bit is that users only pay when viewers watch their video, thanks to a fruity little number called TrueView – much in the same way as the traditional PPC system works for websites.


Targeting the Customer


Adwords for Video will apparently enable the user to reach their targeted audience using a number of search options, including keywords, demographics, interests and many more.


The statistical tools help you to see who is viewing your web video content, the amount of time they spend watching it and plenty of other helpful stats to help improve your campaign’s performance.


From what we can gather it’s pretty easy to link YouTube and Adwords accounts thanks to Google’s helpful step-by-stepper. There is also an option to display an overlay ad on video content – for such Crimean acts such as displaying special offers, product information or to link back to a ‘parent’ website.


So what does all this mean for web video production companies I hear you cry??


The industry’s opinions on this vary greatly, so I won’t spend too much time dissecting them. It will of course have an impact upon the work of video production companies and internet musketeers, but I think the quote below from the boffins at Google sums it up best:


“The online advertising space is changing rapidly into a more media-driven, engagement-focused world. Based on YouTube performance data, online media includes 3 billion video views per day, 48 hours of video are uploaded each minute, and over 800M unique user views per month.


“AdWords for video helps you expand into digital video so that you reach viewers through one seamless, online ad campaign management experience. This system works to merge the branding power and engaging video content of YouTube with the reporting power and technology of AdWords’ dynamic ads system.”