Google+ (Part 2)

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

So where was I, oh yeah… Google+’s great features…


Sparks – Now this is the bit that really impresses me, and what I think gives Google+ the edge over any social network out there at the moment.


Sparks is a kind of RSS of your interests. All you have to do is add some of your interests to Sparks list, i.e. Films, Music, Technology etc, and Google+ will scour the web for a list of interesting tidbits that relate to them, they will then populate your feed with items related to those interests.


This is a great way for Google to use their search expertise within their social network, and they will bring videos and news that you are interested in straight to your feed, amazing!


Once they are on your feed you will then be able to discuss these videos with your friends that have similar interest as you, which is a really good way to share things you like and things you find with your friends as they will just pop up in your feed.


This is a winning feature in my book, as Facebook doesn’t have anything like this which gives Google+ mark 3.


Google+ App


Huddle – Within their Google+ app for Android and NOW iPhone too, Huddle is a group messaging tool that allows you to message any one of your Circles. Say you have been to see a really good film and you want to tell your Circle of Film buddies all about it, you can then on your mobile, write a mini review and send it, and everyone in said Circle will get it (just like you would on Facebook and Twitter on you phone updating your status as soon as the films finished). Good but nothing really new but from what I hear and the buzz on the web says this is a nice little app. Google+ app features include:


  • Circles.
  • Stream – where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
  • Instant Upload.
  • Huddle.


So I would give Google+ mark 4 for the App.


Finally Instant Upload – This feature is again apart of the Google+ app when you take a photo or video on your mobile phone with your permission it is instantly uploaded to a private album in Google’s cloud (basically uploads it onto the internet and is a way of storing and sharing it online), where from there you can choose to share the photos and videos with your friends at your own leisure anytime and from anywhere on your mobile app. You can also if you wish add your location info to these updates.


Yes, this is cool, take photos and videos and have them uploaded to share with your circles instantly. But what happens when it goes wrong – not everyone wants to share all their personal photos and videos, how easy will it be to accidentally say yes to upload when you don’t actually want to?


We have all sent text messages to people we didn’t mean to, so what’s stopping you from uploading photos and videos you don’t want to, and when you realise what you have done how much of a job is it going to be to fix it and get them off-line by that time the damage could already be done…


So good and bad points to this but really if your careful this could be a really nifty thing to have the ability to do, so I am going to give Google+ a final mark which will be the fifth one.


The Challenge


Google+ really does sound quite awesome but isn’t publicly available yet which is a bit of a drag, I for one am still waiting for my invite *ahem*, but will it concur the social networking world?


Who knows – people are pretty settled into the likes of Facebook and Twitter, so when Google+ eventually goes public will it have enough to pull you over to using it? It does for me, some of the features it boasts are really cool and I think just out of sheer interest and Internet buzz people will get over to it at least to join up and give it a bash to see what all the fuss is about. Then when their friends do it too if they like it they will carry on using it and eventually forget Facebook just like poor old MySpace.


But will Facebook take this lying down I don’t think so, already they are working on the release of their web video chat in partnership with Skype allowing people to webcam chat with the friends.


You can now watch episodes of Doctor Who on Facebook in exchange for Facebook Credits, you can watch old episodes of Doctor Who on their Facebook page, with each episode costing 15 Facebook Credits, which is currently 94p.


Once you pay, you can watch the episode as many times as you want for 48 hours. So maybe this is just the start, maybe they will start putting more TV and films on Facebook to rent and watch at your own leisure online, this could be a new route for Facebook – granted there is other sites you can rent films from or stream films from but if you are on Facebook already there is the major convenience factor of this, but who knows what else Mark Zucherburg has up his sleeve. Google+ could take it all and Facebook could evolve into something completely different.


I think Google+ is going to be big, but what does everyone else think?