Final Cut Pro X . . . A new beginning?

This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Unfortunately, by living close to Leicester and not Las Vegas, I was unable to attend the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and join the 1700+ fans, where the grand unveiling of Final Cut Pro X was being showcased.


So what to expect?! Well the very name ‘X’ is a huge clue. Apple refrained from continuing in sequence with its predecessor FCP 7 and decided to go with 10 as the application has undergone an entire makeover and has been rebuilt from the ground up.


One main difference, aside from the revolutionary 64-bit upgrade, built in background rendering and resolution independent playback system up to 4k, is the look of the application. FCPX’s timeline has embraced the filmstrip view, much like its younger brother iMovie.


After reading other reviews and blogs on the new FCPX, many people seem to dislike the new look. Personally, as long as the package can handle what is says it can do, I don’t see what the problem is.



Another big shock to the (new) system is the fact that FCPX will only cost about £180, or if you live over the pond, $299 from the Apple’s own App Store. That’s an incredible price considering the price of the original £1000 for Final Cut Pro 7.


Once again, after reading other reviews, I was amused to see that people were shocked and almost offended at such a reasonable price for the new editing software. Why? Apple have a tendency to overprice their goods anyway, what with iPhone 4, iPad, iMacs the list goes on. They’re not known for their friendly price tag. As an editor I’m thrilled I don’t have to wait a couple of months to buy this new package but download it without feeling I’ve emptied my bank account.


It’s quite amusing that people believe that the higher the price tag the more professional I am. If I buy a top of the range Fender Stratocaster, it doesn’t make me Jimi Hendrix!


Whatever your opinion of FCPX, I think the thing to remember here is that this wasn’t the launch, but merely a preview. If you weren’t excited with what’s on offer there’s still more to be revealed. Stay Tuned.