Facebook set to launch ‘Video Chat’

This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Social networking behemoth Facebook looks set to announce a brand spanking new web video chat feature today, following it’s link-up with platform provider Skype.



Founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed last week that the social network was set to launch “something awesome” in the near future. Alas, not a button that could fire some of the idiots on their into outer space, but a video chat format that could no doubt see teenagers around the globe getting themselves into a spot of bother.


For video production specialists such as ourselves, it is further recognition that video content is continuing to be the main driving force behind web-based communications.


In the wake of the recently released Google+ – the search engine’s own foray into social networking – and dwindling user numbers, the spods at Facebook have clearly realised that now is the perfect time to get some of the heat they have lost back, seducing new members whilst romancing existing users.


This of course could all be a red herring, with speculation mounting that FB’s much vaunted iPad app is ready for release. Either way, an announcement is set to be made at 7pm UK time tonight, so don’t forget to set the tape for Emmerdale.