Crazy Tech of 2012 (Part 2)

This entry was posted on Friday, January 20th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

We continue to look at the new and incoming crazy tech of this year…


Have you ever thought wouldn’t it be cool to leave one last Facebook status, whether it be written or as a web video, when you die?


No? Me neither, but the creators of the Facebook app ‘If i Die’ did.




They created this app, which lets you leave a final goodbye status or video message – or anything you want to say to everyone when you die – in a status.


Once you have written or recorded your final status update, you then select friends who you want to be in charge or releasing said message when you die.


You need to appoint at least three of your friends as your trustees, whom will have to click the “yes, he is in fact dead” button, before the app’s makers will publish your last status.


But make sure you trust these friends, the last thing you want is people thinking your dead when you’re not, which is what I can see happening a lot, because – let’s face it – it would be funny.


Are you going to run out and get this app, or is it a little to morbid for you?


Play the Video-Memo



Will video replace the sticky note and memo pad???


Hmm I don’t know about that, but it is a bit cool. Native Union’s Play is the little video recording gadget that lets you record messages for your family and housemates, basically replacing the note on the fridge.


It’s simple to use with just three buttons: play, record and delete, and it has a 2.4” colour screen and would save you a having to find paper and a pen. It even has a magnetic back so you can still put it on the fridge, and it has a small light that blinks to let you know there is a new message to watch.


That’s all cool, let’s buy one; how much? £49.99. Jebus, think I will stick to the pen and paper for now, give me a call when it’s a few quid and we’ll talk.


The Swiss Army Knife That Comes With a 1TB USB Flash Drive!



Swiss Army Knives are cool. A 1TB USB is very cool. Put them together and you create the very awesome Swiss Army solid-state drive (SSD).


Victorinox, the creator of the Swiss Army brand, bring us the 1TB USB Swiss Army knife. It is the size of a small Swiss Army Knife and it has the collapsible USB attached, so you can whip it in and out with ease – just like the other tools on the knife.


Victorinox claims that it is the word’s smallest high-capacity SSD drive on the market and we believe them, this is so good normally you have to plug 1TB hard-drives into external wall sockets to power them, then they started to get them that ran off USB power through your computer, but this is so small like a normal pocket USB and it can hold 1TB. It’s pretty awesome and it supports USB 2.0 and 3.0, so it fast too which we all like.


Even cooler it has a Bi-Stable graphic display for labeling contents. The graphic display is a tiny LCD that displays a label that stays on even when the drive is not plugged in… very cool!


This is a fantastic product: The Swiss Army USB comes in different capacities, from 64GB to 1TB, and prices start at $470 (£305) and go up to $2,000 (£1,300).The device is slated for an April release so it gives you time to save up.


So quite a few good and strange bits of kit there, which will you be saving your pennies to buy?