Crazy Tech of 2012

This entry was posted on Friday, January 20th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

Here at the Web Video Store we followed the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas quite closely – looking out for all things tech and video production – and while doing so came across some very cool and kooky things, so we thought we would let you all in on what some of our favourite crazy tech of the CES 2012 was:


First off: Karotz


These little bunnies are smart: they are internet connected and they can make free calls, use the Internet to respond to questions you ask, for example: weather, news, TV guides, and you can also catch up on all of your RSS feeds.


You can check your Facebook status and Tweets, and even post them too. They can share what it sees or hears as well, with a built-in webcam and microphone. Pictures taken with its camera can be uploaded straight to Facebook and Twitter.


You can also get the bunny to keep an eye on your home! You can see what’s going on and be alerted whenever someone enters your house (how awesome are these little things!)


If these weren’t good enough, you can also customise your bunny with tattoo skins, different ears and you can also change and download different apps you have for them.



Inflatable Cube for your iPad – Yep, you heard me right:



Now, I have no idea why one, you would want to give your young children your precious iPad, and two, let them throw it around in a bouncy inflatable cube!?!?


But for those of you that do CTA Digital will be selling them for $34.99, which is around £24, which I think is crazy – it doesn’t even protect the screen. So when your kids throw the cube in the air and it lands screen down on the corner of your fireplace you can say bye bye iPad. I would stay clear unless you have the money to literally throw around.


That’s it for now: keep an eye out for Part Two where we take a look at the ‘If I Die’ app, Play video-memo and the Swiss Army Solid-state drive. The best is yet to come.