Which Video Production Company?

This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

So you’ve decided to have a web video on your website, great! You now have the task though of finding the right production company for you and your company.


Where to start?


Well before jumping onto Google and searching, there are a few initial questions you need to consider. The first, and probably most obvious, is what kind of video do you want? Do you want Product Videos, showcasing your entire collection of goods or do you want a Promotional Video for your company, highlighting what you guys do best? Search for videos along the same line of your company and make notes of some examples that you like, or key parts of the video you maybe want to include in your own.


A video for your company is an investment at the end of the day, and to help you make the right investment decision you need to know what type of company you need to hire. Below are some key points when choosing the right production company.


Examples of their work


Viewing any production company’s portfolio is important, look to watch more of their full length client videos and not just various show reels, as show reels are just the ‘best’ bits if you will.


If their work is not viewable on their website (for some strange reason), ask to be sent copies or links to their more recently completed projects. This will confirm that the company is still very much active and constantly involved in producing video. Don’t be afraid to put them on the spot and quiz them about their projects, this technique will almost certainly determine the pros and the time wasters.


By viewing their work, you’ll also gain an understanding of what sort of clients they have worked with and what services they have provided.


How professional is the company?

Is their website regularly updated with blogs or news feed?

Are they punctual with agreed meetings?

Are their staff courteous and considerate on the phone?

Do they reply within a reasonable amount of time to emails or messages?

Ultimately, are these people helpful?

Do they assume they know what you need, or are questions asked to help you gain a better understand of the goal of the video?


You need to consider their approach to your company, which will ultimately determine if your project brief is a bespoke representation of your company or merely a template.


At the Web Video Store, we love nothing more than sitting down with our customer’s over a tasty Nespresso and getting to know them and not just their company.


Unique and evocative?


Are you excited with what they are proposing? Do they make you think about all aspects of your video? Are they passionate and motivated about the project? If yes, then these are all good signs for a successful video campaign.


Why not contact us today to see how the Web Video Store can help you.