Social Networks to become spammy?

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 and is filed under Latest News.

There are such a large number of social networks that it can be extremely hard to keep up. The big players such as Facebook and Instagram are making interesting news within the video marketing world due to their new advertising options. It could be seen as a way to make money or as tailored advertising that could benefit you as a user. Either way, it is coming and we will be getting used to it in no time.




Although advertisements have been appearing within newsfeeds for quite a while now on Facebook, they are stepping up their game on the advertisement front. If everything goes to plan (which it currently hasn’t being), autoplay video ads will soon be seen within newsfeeds across the globe.


You may think that having a video start without your permission would be annoying, well it turns out you would not be the only one. There are rumours that Facebook are pushing their plans for autoplay video ads back to 2014 as they are still working on the advertising integration. The reports suggest that they do not want the new idea to be overly annoying to the 1.15 billion users.


When in 2014 these will be released we are still not sure, but would you be happy for an autoplay video to appear on your newsfeed? If you are open to ideas and are seeing advertisements tailored to you then this could be a great way to find out about new products and services.




Facebook aren’t the only ones who are jumping on the advertising in main feed bandwagon, Instagram are there too. They have announced that this week (week commencing 28th October) they plan to start showing photo and video ads for users in the U.S.


Eventually it is assumed that this will be rolled out across the entire social network. These posts will be identified by the ‘Sponsored’ label that will appear to the top right of the photo or video.


The main question is, will these advertisements start to make our favourite social networks look spammy? Well if the rumours regarding Facebook are anything to go by, this is definitely something that is being taken into account. So with any look it will appear fairly natural and will not ruin anyone’s experience.


So keep your eyes peeled for these advertisements that are soon to be coming your way!