A Look At Apple’s iOS 5 Features

This entry was posted on Friday, October 14th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

Today I’ll be looking into the new features of iOS 5 for the Apple device range. Not very web video I know, but devices like the iPad and iPhone have promoted mobile video by an incredible percentage over the past couple of years, so it sort of fits. . . sort of.



So, after what was an initial download time of 13 hours – yes, 13 hours – the new iOS 5 system now happily resides on my iPhone 4. Reports on Wednesday night were that such an overwhelming population were trying to download the new iOS 5 from Apple, their servers were literally crumbling under the pressure.


On top of that, Blackberry reached its third day of blackout chaos thanks to a software glitch, which reports 70 million Blackberry customers have been quite literally left in the dark. I believe headlines this week should’ve been ‘Apple and Blackberry Crumble’ (insert wink ;) )


Anyway, we’re very Apple orientated over here at the Web Video Store and Creare and with over 200 new features in this update I thought I’d outline a couple of my favourites.




One of my favourite updates is the new notification feature. Instead of having irritable pop-ups (at the moment it always seems to happen when a game of Fifa 12 is kicking off) they have built a subtle and sexy top bar that rotates whenever you have a notification.




You can also view all of your notifications in the sleek pull down menu of the Notification Centre. In the settings you also have the option to tweak your notifications. If you liked the old style, you can change it back!




Thanks to superb apps like Instagram, Smart Phone photography is booming! This is why the new 4s will include 8mp, 1080p camera functionality. Unfortunately that’s only for the 4s. There are however some new tweaks in the new iOS 5 which make it a little easier to capture a would-be Kodak moment.


For people who want to snap their photos quickly, there’s instant access to the Camera app now from the Lock Screen.



Users who want the feel of a camera can now tilt the phone horizontally and use the volume button as the camera shutter, instead of using the touch screen. My personal favourite: if you plug in your headphones, you can use the headphone controls (the ones that came with the phone) as a remote shutter! That’s right! Use the + and – to control focus and to click the shutter.




Now love it or hate it Twitter is definitely here to stay, and Apple and iOS 5 have really embraced this phenomenon. I’m a regular tweeter and having this functionality really does cut out a lot of things you have to do when trying to tweet. Below is a photo of how easy it is to tweet a new photo straight from the Photos folder.



It might look like a small change but it’s a giant leap into the future as Apple move towards a more connected and user inspired operating system.




Baring quite a few similarities to the Blackberry Messenger, iMessage is the iPhone’s new messaging service. So what’s everyone raving about? This new messaging service works over both WiFi and 3G, meaning no costs whether you have a data or texting plan. Send limitless texts, messages, videos, photos to anyone with an iOS 5 device.


Just a couple of slices there out of a large Apple pie (pun intended) please feel free to comment with some of your favourite new iOS 5 updates.