A Lesson in the Power of Web Video

This entry was posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

You may have seen the latest viral video doing the rounds on the interweb. But for those that haven’t, it stars Fenton the dog, his exasperated owner and a herd of startled deer, in ‘Jesus Christ in Richmond Park’. Take a look:



Now this isn’t your average David Attenborough documentary. It is once again an example of a Smartphone owner being in the right place at the right time. But it also highlights just how powerful web video has become.


Firstly, the clip has been viewed by nearly 1,200,000 people at the time of writing. That’s more than the population of Cyprus, Fiji and the Bahamas, for the stat fans out there. That highlights the power of good video content and the power of the web in one concise snippet.


As a testament of its success, Jesus Christ in Richmond Park has been re-imagined in the guise of several movie ‘spoofs’, including Jesus Christ in Jurassic Park, in Back to the Future and in Lion King. Life’s too short for me to embed all of these here, but go and hunt them down should you wish.


But it doesn’t end there.


There has been worldwide (yes, really) interest in the story of Fenton and his bumbling master. He has been trending on Twitter as the clip spread, and a ringtone has also been released should you want to annoy everyone on the tube, bus or train.


The ‘videographer’ – Ali Goodyear – has even been interviewed by Absolute Radio, whom he told: “I’ve been inundated with people [calling] from CBS, CNN, Good Morning America and German Newspapers.”


The clip has also featured in all of the UK’s tabloids, not to mention some of the broadsheets, and on BBC and ITN news. All of these media outlets are still desperate to get in touch with Fenton’s owner by the way, so if you can shed any light do get in touch.


So what is the moral of the story?


Simply put, videos that amuse, sadden or simply confuse are hot property, and can be spread around the web in no time at all, reaching the four corners of the globe (assuming the world is a square or rectangle. That’s for all the Flat Earth theorists among you.)


And what that means for video production agencies is that content is still king; no matter what advertisers or people supposedly in the know tell you.