Edit your web video on YouTube

This entry was posted on Monday, September 19th, 2011 and is filed under Latest News.

YouTube have revealed their new cloud-based editing service that allows you to upload videos and edit them slightly, or you can make minor edits to videos already uploaded without having to re-upload which is great.


The editing functions will be perfect for amateur web video makers who upload their home videos. It is also very handy for trimming the start and end of your video – we have all forgotten to mark out at the end of footage and exported before, leaving a few minutes of black at the end of your video.


So now that would no longer be a problem you can just edit your already uploaded video…


So, you start off by going into your videos on YouTube, then next to the ‘Edit Info’ tab there is now an ‘Edit video’ option.



If you click the tab you get taken to where the magic happens (as it were).



YouTube unfortunately doesn’t enable the user to cut and move around the entire video, but merely trim the start and end. You can also rotate right and lift, and the stabilise function seems like it would be good for people with shaky hands, so if you have filmed something handheld simply apply ‘stabilise’ and it will smooth out the footage.


You can then change the colour using the ‘Fill Light’, ‘Contrast’, ‘Saturation’ and the ‘Colour Temperature’ tabs, or ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ tab for one-click color correction.


You can then add an effect onto your video like Black & White or Sepia, or maybe something crazy like Neon Green, which are all very easy to apply and un-apply.


Finally, you can swap the audio on your video with free tracks from YouTube’s library, where they recommend tracks that could go with your video.


This YouTube video shows you what you can do…



This is all very cool for an amateur web video maker and could come in very handy. I am waiting to see were YouTube goes with this and whether they will add any more features, and if they will start allowing you to edit your whole video, but for now this remains to be a very useful little tool.