Olympics Live Web Video Streaming

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

The BBC has unveiled its web video plans for the London Olympic Games in the summer.

As you would expect from the Beeb, most digital channels will be utilised – with web, mobile and Smart TV all getting a sprinkle of Olympic magic dust.



Users will be able to stream a choice of 24 events in High Definition at any given time, from their computer or even on the go on their mobiles, through Wi-Fi or 3G.


In addition to traditional BBC TV coverage, they are also launching two specially created Freeview channels, just for games action and highlights.


This is the first ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ to really utilise website video and mobile streaming technologies. The BBC’s Phil Fearnley believes it could be massive. “Broadcast television’s first big moment was the coronation in 1953, which brought the nation together around the TV screen for the first time.” he said.


“Our aspiration is that 2012 will do for digital and [internet] connected televisions what the coronation did for TV.”


Head honcho’s have predicted that around 2,500 hours of content will be broadcast across the mediums, which is approximately 1000 more hours than the previous games in Beijing in 2008.


Across the pond, our cousins will be able to watch a similar set-up courtesy of NBC, who is partnering with YouTube to deliver a wealth of content. Not known for being bombastic, our American cousins are quite confident of success:


“[we aim to] to deliver the most extensive 2012 Olympics content to viewers, including – for the first time ever – all events streamed live. That’s right, you’ll be able to watch up to 3,000 hours of live streaming covering all 302 Gold Medals and every event in between.”


Expect DVD sales to soar.