2012: A Product Video Odyssey

This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 and is filed under Latest News.

As we boldly predicted a long time ago, 2012 is to be the year of the product video.


A joint study by the e-Tailing Group and Invodo has unearthed a whole heap of useful statistics that back this claim up. It found that web users in the US and A watched 60% of the product videos they came across. In addition, 36% of participants confirmed they had watched five or more vids over the preceding three months.


So what is the ideal length and content of a product video? It’s a good question, and this survey highlighted some interesting pointers. Firstly, 85% of respondents stated they would watch a video that educated them about a product for at least a minute, with a slightly larger figure keen on web video that included some kind of demonstration.


As you would expect, high quality product videos trigger increased sales. In the first instance, around 66% of respondents stated they would watch a video a number of times prior to making a purchasing decision.


And around 50% equated quality video production values with similarly quality products. The ultimate goal of a product video is to increase ‘consumer engagement’, something which is 53% higher where video is present, according to the survey.


So expect retailers to utilise product videos more and more in the coming months, as the current trend for watching plenty of web video continues. With around 3 million people expected to watch product videos online this year, it makes perfect sense to invest right away.


You can find the survey here