10 Heartwarming Adverts of 2015

This entry was posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 and is filed under Video Work.

Advertisements can be inspirational, funny, sad and heartwarming if executed well. They can take you through a range of emotions, and work extremely well for products and brands. Check out 10 of the most emotional adverts of 2015, they are sure to melt your heart!

Dove Men+Care


This real life ad celebrates the first moments fathers find out they are going to be a dad. Promoting Dove’s Men+Care range – showing a man’s real strength.

Super Bowl 2015: Bud Puppy Ad


If you are an animal lover, then this is sure to pull on your heart strings! This super bowl ad promotes Budweiser by showing how Clydesdale horses rescue a lost puppy.

Samsung – Hearing Hands


An extremely touching ad by Samsung, portraying a world without barriers, providing a video call centre for all hearing impaired people.

Duracell Commercial: The Teddy Bear


This commercial is especially emotional because it is inspired by a real life story of a deployed dad, his young daughter and a teddy bear that keeps them together while he is away in the army. Duracell are encouraging people to donate to the United Service Organizations (USO), helping thousands of military children cope with their parents deployment.

Nationwide – On Your Side for Generations


Nationwide display this moving ad, showing the chain of life from a young boy and his dad, to the young boy growing up and having his own child – and portraying how Nationwide have helped customers with savings, buying their own homes and lots more, for a number of years.

Nestle – Mother’s Day Nido FortiGrow


This Nestle ad was released in the Philippines for Mother’s Day, portraying that although times may change, a mothers love is timeless, in the same way that Nestle may have been around for years – but the love for it will always remain the same.

Always – Unstoppable


This Always ad presents the power of what girls and women can achieve, encouraging women and girls to stay confident and unstoppable, no matter what others say or do!



An immensely warming ad from Thailand, showing a young boy who is bullied at school and left with nothing to eat, but is offered food – humanity does exist.
Then of a young boy who grows up but doesn’t have time for his mother, yet they always have time to eat together, promoting the rice – Bernas.

Coca Cola Super Bowl – Make It Happy


This Coca Cola ad reveals that you can sit around and have negative thoughts, however the world is what we make it – so make it happy!

Thai Life Insurance


This is an extremely inspiring ad by Thai Life Insurance about one little boy who helps his mum who is a cleaner to clean the streets everyday after school, because she has knee problems – and as she is his superhero – he looks up to her.
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